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DakkerEpisode 10: Knock Baseball's Enemies Out of the ParkEpisode 11: Don't Die, Dear Friend! One Second to Execution!
Episode 12: Ten Seconds to ExecutionEpisode 13: The Ballad of the Young KillerEpisode 14: White-Fletched Arrows and a Tearful Parting
Episode 15: The Sad Mother's LullabyEpisode 16: Falsely Accused, Ken Falls into SorrowEpisode 17: The Grief-Stricken Sister and a Pair of Kens
Episode 18: Bubble Love in Peril!Episode 19: Blighted Love: The Torn Love LetterEpisode 1: After the Explosion, the Wandering Begins
Episode 20: The Lady Dragon and a Tearful VowEpisode 21: Farewell, My Long-Lost MotherEpisode 22: The Young Boxer and Tears for a Father
Episode 23: The Three Oogami Sisters and Brother TenichiEpisode 24: Ken's Tears and Love in a Strange TownEpisode 25: A Tearful Departure on Mt. Koujin
Episode 26: Forgive Me, My Son!Episode 27: Surprising Purpetrator! Asuka Killed?!Episode 28
Episode 29Episode 2: The Bird Migrates into FlamesEpisode 30
Episode 31Episode 32Episode 4: A Critical Strike, Through Tears
Episode 5: The Flower Girl and the White PowderEpisode 6: Machine Guns Over the Ocean's RoarEpisode 7: A Bad Wind in a Harbor Town
Episode 8: Propane Explosion of SorrowEpisode 9: Turn Back to the River of TearsGold Mask
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